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As Coronavirus (COVID-19) news spreads, it has created stress for many of us. Sensationalized stories add to our anxiety. Many are unsure whether to travel or attend social gatherings.

Infectious disease outbreaks, like the current Coronavirus (COVID-19), can be frightening and can affect our mental health. While it is important to stay informed, there are also many things we can do to support and manage our well-being during such times. Here are some tips we hope will help you, your friends and your family to look after your mental health at a time when there is much discussion of potential threats to our physical health.

Reducing your anxiety:

  • Try to remain calm. Panic will only complicate your stress and anxiety.
  • Find fact-based information about COVID-19 from reliable sources.
  • Limit the time you listen to news about the virus. Sensational news stories can perpetuate unnecessary anxiety.
  • Reach out for help! It is normal to be overwhelmed by the news of the outbreak, particularly if you are prone to anxiety and stress. Although we do not have control over the spread of the virus, we do have control over how we respond.
  • Call the Burnout Queen at 780-231-9505 or email her at We can provide a safe atmosphere to express your stress.
  • Enroll in our weekly 2-Hour Virtual Burnout Breakthrough Strategy Workshop. Our next Workshop is Tuesday, March, 24, 2020 from 7:00–9:00 pm. See our Services page for full details.
  • Participate in our 8-week Virtual Burnout to Breakthrough Intensive Recovery Program (2 hours per week). Our next Program starts on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 from 7:00–9:00 pm. See our Services page for full details.
Benefits of Virtual Workshops:
  • Privacy: If you do not like being on camera, you can shut off the video setting at any time
  • Convenience: Virtual Workshops can happen from the convenience of your home – no shoes required!
  • Enjoy your coffee and join the group.

Try to avoid speculation and seek reputable resources on the outbreak. Rumour and speculation can fuel anxiety. Having access to reliable information about the virus can help you feel more in control.

Follow hygiene advice such as washing your hands more often than usual, for 20 seconds with soap and hot water (sing ‘happy birthday’ to yourself twice to make sure you do this for 20 seconds). It would be best if you did this whenever you get home or into work, blow your nose, sneeze or cough, eat or handle food. If you can’t wash your hands straight away, use hand sanitizer and then wash them at the next opportunity. You should also use tissues if you sneeze and make sure you dispose of them quickly and stay at home if you are feeling unwell.

Stay Connected. In times of stress, we work better in company and with support. Humans are hardwired to interact with others especially during times of stress. When we go through a difficult ordeal alone, a lack of emotional support and friendship can increase our anxiety and reduce our coping ability. Try to keep in touch with your friends and family and contact the Burnout queen for support.

Try to Anticipate distress. It is normal to feel vulnerable and overwhelmed as we read news about the outbreak, especially if you have experienced trauma or a mental health problem in the past, or if you have a long-term physical health condition that makes you more vulnerable to the effects of the Coronavirus. At the same time, it is important to acknowledge these feelings and remind each other to look after our physical and mental health. Try and reassure people you know who may be worried and check in with people who you know are living alone.

Try not to make assumptions. Don’t judge people and avoid jumping to conclusions about who is responsible for the spread of the disease. Coronavirus can affect anyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity or sex. As you will notice, many grocery stores are running out of some essentials. Stores receive deliveries from their warehouse every day. They are prepared! If you don’t find the item you are looking for today, chances are it will be on the shelf tomorrow. Remember, you can always order online – Amazon can be your best friend!

We have survived previous health epidemics like SARS in the ’90s and the AIDs scare. We will survive this one and those to come in the future.

Try to manage how you follow the outbreak in the media. There is extensive news coverage about the outbreak. If you find that the news is causing you undue stress, it’s crucial to find a balance.

Reach out for help. Call us at the Burnout Queen. We are here to help!

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