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Prior to leaving my last corporate position, I was more likely the “Burned Out Queen.” I was exhausted, frustrated, and felt like a failure searching desperately for something or someone that would help me get back to feeling engaged, productive, and connected.

I was looking for proven strategies that would show me how to develop a system that would give me what I needed most. As a result, the Burnout Queen was born. Along my journey, I discovered that when we are burned out, we need encouragement, support, and clear, effective strategies. That is what the Burnout Queen offers.

I am an approved direct provider with most insurance providers.
Janice Wehrhahn MSW, RSW

780 231 9505

Strengthen your emotional bond
Solid relationships in a marriage are built on trust, emotional intimacy, love and respect.
Improve your communication
Successful couples can work through anything, provided they have communication.
Intimacy and
It takes intention and full time involvment to keep passion alive in long-term relationships.
On the same page with your partner
As relationships evolve, couples need to align their goals and work together as a team.
Bring back the spark in your relationship
Learn how to reignite the passionate intimacy in your marriage.
Planning your family and your loved ones
Rekindle the romance in your marriage even if you are planning a family with a step-by-step plan.
With the people,
for the people
I work as a supportive mentor and wellness authority who works with clients.
Feel complete,
inside and outside
I’m there fill the void for my clients to achieve their long life wishes and long term goals.

As a social worker and mental
health therapist, I show people
how to overcome workplace

STAY CALM – Recognize stress and be aware of the “signals”
Body Signals
Rate increase
Tense muscles
Increased sweating
Aggression towards
Negative thoughts
Feeling worthless

Discover, apply, choose

When it comes to your career management, having a professional career coach at your side is a key element to your support system. Our newsletter will keep you up to date and will guide you through choosing your career.

    Coaching books
    for you and your loved ones

    With endless career opportunities and a renewed sense of independence, our coaches are empowered wellness authorities thriving in their personal and professional lives. Did we mention they love every second of it?
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    We all know how challenging and hard life can be. And that there’s not always an answer to all the issues you may face. We are here to help you.
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    2021 © The Burnout Queen. All Rights Reserved. Site by Black Box Media.